Throughout the semester, each student will be required to meet with me during office hours or, in extenuating circumstances, by special appointment three times. Each conference will take about 15 minutes (sometimes less, sometimes more) and will take place in the Institute for Writing Studies (IWS), which is located on the first floor of St. Augustine Hall. I will pass out sign-up sheets at the beginning of the semester, somewhere between the end of the first unit and the beginning of the second, and just before we jump into the final unit.

Conference time is the time for me to get to know you on an individual level and give you some custom-tailored guidance. The purpose of these conferences is to talk about writing in whatever context you find most useful to your growth as a writer. Many students have found it useful to bring writing with them to hold a writing conference during their time, but that doesn’t have to be the way it works.

Here is a general outline of how the conferences may go:
• The first chat may address your views on writing, whether you think you’re a great writer or someone who has always struggled with writing, and your strengths and weaknesses as a writer.
• The second chat may focus on the ways that you have addressed the strengths and weaknesses we spoke about in the first session.
• The third chat may focus on your growth as a writer and your final project.

Of course, we don’t have to talk about any of those things if you have something else in mind.

While three conferences are mandatory, you are welcome to meet with me more than three times and for more than 15 minutes. I only ask that you give me a heads-up so that  we can schedule a time that hasn’t already been allotted to other students for conferences. Also, because I am only available on campus one day a week, Skype will provide an alternative meeting space for those students who absolutely cannot meet on Mondays.


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