Attendance Policy

Read this CAREFULLY. You will be expected to comply.

Via the First Year Writing department website:

Mandatory Classroom Attendance

Most courses in St. John’s College do not have mandatory attendance policies. Our course is one of the exceptions.  

Students are permitted to have no more than 1 absence in courses that meet once a week. As soon as a student misses a 2nd class, he or she fails the course.

Student athletes who miss classes due to athletic obligations must provide the instructor with a statement, usually from one of their coaches, indicating the dates they cannot attend class.

In extenuating circumstances, please do speak to me. Because the university policy is strictly adhered to in the First Year Writing department, I may require documentation to prove that an absence is legitimate.


Being late is a problem. Don’t be late. If you are late, please find a seat quietly, and do not interrupt class to ask what you missed. When there’s downtime, find a classmate and ask or see me during the class break.

On the same note, sometimes, things happen that are unavoidable. 1-2 late arrivals of just a few minutes is forgivable, but if you make a habit of it, you will see it reflected in your final grade. Anyone who is late more than three times will not be eligible for an A.

If you know in advance that you are going to be late (let’s say you have a doctor’s appointment that you simply can’t reschedule, for example), please email before class.


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