About Me

Nicole is a Doctor of Arts in English student at St. John’s University. She completed her coursework in the Fall 2011 semester and is in the process of studying for her comprehensive exams.  Her academic interests lie in Composition and Rhetorical Theory, New Media and Digital Literacy Studies, and the politics of writing spaces, namely the division between public and private. She also is interested in Cultural Studies, 19th century British women writers, and Children’s and Young Adult Literature.


Nicole has a Master of Arts degree from Montclair State University (Montclair, NJ), where she studied English with a concentration in British literature. Her thesis is titled “‘But they would not teach her to play’: Child Heroines, Fantasy, and the Victorian Debate on Female Education.” This paper outlines the re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s Alices by two Victorian women writers, Christina Rossetti (Speaking Likenesses) and Augusta Webster (Daffodil and the Croaxaxicans: A Romance of History), and traces their use of child heroines in fantasy worlds  as commentary on the Victorian debate on female education. Nicole received a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communications from Pace University (Pleasantville, NY).


Before teaching and tutoring at St. John’s University, Nicole worked as a writing center consultant, a personal assistant to a magazine writer/book author, a horseback riding instructor, an administrative assistant at an IT consulting firm, an online course teaching assistant, a campus tour guide, and a newsletter editor. She also interned during her time as an undergraduate as an academic advisor. If you want to go way back, you can throw in a short stint as a cashier at Best Buy. She also moonlights as a nightlife photographer.


In her (very) spare time, Nicole enjoys hanging out with her horse, Lexington, relaxing on the Jersey shore with her Nook, taking pictures, and spending quality time with friends and family.


Her favorite poem is “Love Calls Us to the Things of This World” by Richard Wilbur, and her favorite book is The Temple of the Winds by Terry Goodkind.


Presentations & Conferences

“’But they would not teach her to play’: Augusta Webster’s Daffodil and the Croäxaxicans: A Romance of History and the Victorian Debate on Female Education.” Curiosities: The 19th Annual British Women Writers Conference. Ohio State University. Columbus, OH. April 1, 2011.

“Branching Out: Digital Literacy and the Writing Center.” Panel Presentation. Northeast Writing Center Association Conference. Southern New Hampshire University. Hocksett, NJ. March 12, 2011.

“’But they would not teach her to play’: Child Heroines, Fantasy, and the Victorian Debate on Female Education.” Student Research Symposium. Montclair State University. Montclair, NJ. April 23, 2010.

“Hide and Seek with Identity: The Role of the Quest in the Psychological Metamorphosis of the Children‘s Fantasy Hero.” Plenary session of Annual Meeting of the Society of Fellows of Dyson College. Society of Fellows of Dyson College. White Plains, NY. April 22, 2008.



Poem. “Monster,” published in The Monster Book for Girls, Exaggerated Press, 2011Print.

Poem. “Breaking,” published in the Fall 2007 issue of North Central College’s North Central Review. Print.

Poem. “Cracks,” published in the Spring 2008 issue of Pace University’s Vox Literary Magazine. Print.


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