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23 thoughts on “Blog Roll

  1. The Knicks Win Big With Little from Carmelo
    Last night the New York Knicks beat the Charlotte Bobcats 111 to 78. The thirty-three point win was easily the biggest margin of victory for the Knicks this season. What makes this win so surprising is that the Knicks were entering the game with a six game losing streak. What also makes this win even more surprising is that the Knicks best player, Carmelo Anthony, scored only one point on zero for seven shooting from the field. With healthy contributions from offseason acquisition Tyson Chandler, who had twenty points and seventeen rebounds, and Amare Stoudemire, eighteen points and eight rebounds, the Knicks were able to pull away from the Bobcats early on in the third quarter. It is definitely stunning that Carmelo Anthony who just a few days ago admitted that he needed to shoot less and give the ball more to Stoudemire, only took seven shots and scored only one point. I am definitely hoping that we as Knick fans see a lot more of this evenly balanced offense, in which we are not relying on the recently inconsistent Carmelo Anthony. Amare has not been the same since we traded for Anthony last year and I truly believe the rest of this season will seal his fate in New York. If he continues to struggle in the Carmelo reliant offense, then I believe the front office must look into trading or doing a sign-and-trade for a dependable point guard who can make those around him better, for example the Landry Fields and Iman Shumperts of the world. Chris Paul and Deron Williams, both world-class point guards, have stated their wanting to come to the big apple. So hopefully this unit can get it together and turn this year around, leading to a playoff run. And if not, then like I previously stated I believe we need to get rid of Amare and get a player who does not need the ball in his hands all the time to score, but rather to facilitate. I guess we will just see how things go for the rest of this season and I’ll see if my premonition comes true.

    • Blake, this is exactly what I’m looking for from the weekly blog posts, but… it belongs on your own blog rather than the course blog. Once you set up your own WordPress, you can post this as a new post, and then tweet the link so that your classmates can see it as well (if you want them to that is). I appreciate the early post, though, and I think my dad would be glad to see someone writing about the Knicks 🙂

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