The Top 5 Criteria for Portfolios (as decided by you)

Originality Originality is reflected in taking a sophisticated or unique angle, picking an atypical topic, and/or choosing a unique form of expression.
Attention Grabbing/Audience Awareness/Relatable One grabs attention by being aware of audience. This can be expressed in sophisticated uses of evidence and examples, as well as word choices. Audiences should be able to  form connections to the piece and the ideas based on the information provided and the style of writing. This may also include concrete details that are easy to visualize.
Conveys Message/Complex Ideas That Are Easy to Understand Typically, one has a purpose when writing, and it is usually to carry across a specific message. The best messages are often complex, yet simply and clearly expressed, so that the message can be trasmitted to an audience.
Organization/Smooth Flow Globally (whole-project/paper), good organization lays out a road map that is easy to follow. The pieces of the whole project are logically organized so that a reader can easily transition from one point to another and understand the larger points of the piece. Locally (with in paragraphs and sentences), the same should be true. Each idea should connect to the next, and within sentences, one should be able to tell what action the subject is performing.
Word Choice & Mechanics Picking words that make sense, spelling correctly, and using grammatical style that clearly expresses your thoughts is important to helping a reader grasp your ideas.

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