Writing Center Reactions

The semester is on the down slide now and that means that it’s almost time to build up a portfolio. The Writing Center is a great place to get some input on how to revise for a portfolio, especially when you’ve fixed a piece multiple times and can no longer figure out what improvements to make.
By April 30, I would like all of you to visit the Writing Center and write a reaction (200+ words). There are two options you can chose to complete this assignment:
Option 1– The Interview: Schedule an appointment with a consultant and conduct a brief interview. While you can ask them anything that you feel necessary to help you understand how the writing center works (major, year at St. John’s, etc.), please avoid personal questions (asking about significant others, for instance, is not appropriate). My advice would be to ask them questions related to the writing process, the feedback process, or the way things work at the center itself.
In the reaction piece, you don’t need to give me the interview word by word. Simply sum up what is important and react to it.

Option 2– Schedule a session: Schedule an actual appointment with a writing consultant and get some feedback. MOST IMPORTANTLY, don’t just go there, throw your paper at the consultant, and say “I have to do this” and try to make them do all of the work. If you want the best results and to make the most of your time, go with questions or concerns (think sideshadowing).

In your reaction, I don’t need to know any specific details, but I’d like you to consider how the session happened, what strategies the tutored used, what worked/what didn’t, and/or what you took from the session. You could also think “scientific observation”–what would the session look like to an outsider?– if that’s more your speed.

Post to blog by April 30. You may password protect this if you wish. If you chose to do an interview and post it to your blog, you should change the consultant’s name to Consultant to protect her or his privacy.


If you aren’t already registered with the Writing Center, you should go to their website and do so: http://www.stj.mywconline.com/

Appointment blocks are one hour long (though the appointment itself only lasts up to 45 minutes and may be shorter). In order to schedule properly, you will need to find a block of 4 white boxes, click them, and fill in ALL of the information asked for. The better your answers, the better the consultants can assist you.


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