Writing as Activism Proposal Instructions

Your goal for this unit is to evoke positive change in your world through writing. I encourage you think about your communities and the issues closest to you rather than broad world-wide issues such as “world hunger” or “world peace.” These bigger issues can often be affected through smaller actions. The following components will be required in order for your proposal to be considered complete:

What is the change you wish to make?

What is the form of writing you will use to make this change, and why is that the most effective form?: The options are limitless, as long as you reach the 1250+ word minimum. If you’re not sure about how to reach that with the form you’ve chosen, we can chat. Also, if it’s not the most effective form, then don’t use it!

Who is your intended audience, and/or how will you create your audience?: For instance, if you’re starting a website, how will you create readership? If you want to write a letter, who will you be sending it to? If you’re going to design a fundraising event, who will you pose the idea to and how will you make it happen? If you’re going to do a documentary, how will get people to watch (saying “I’ll put it on YouTube isn’t really enough)?

What do you already know about this issue?

What do you need to know and how do you plan to find that information?

These answers should be emailed to me by Thursday, March 22, so I can give you some feedback, if necessary, before you present your ideas to the class on Monday.


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