Midterm Reflection & Self-Evaluation

Take a few moments to reflect on the semester thus far in writing. How’s it going?

In addition to reflection, I would like to evaluate your own work up to this point. Answer the following questions, and assume that you should be adding “and why?” to each of them.

1. How do you feel about your performance in class?

  • participation
  • interacting with classmates during small groups

2. How much work have you honestly committed to? Consider the following:

  • How many blogs have you written?
  • How often do you tweet?
  • Were your drafts on time and fully completed?
  • Did you finish your research journals on time?

3. How do you feel about your writing thus far?

  • What’s working?
  • What are your writing strengths?
  • What still needs work?

4. What grade would you give yourself at this point in the semester?

5. What is your plan for success from this point out, as it applies to completing work, participation, and improving writing?

6. What do you still want to learn more about?


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