The Interview

The Interview

Your interview should include at least 20 questions. Prepare beforehand by having a list of questions ready and having a focus. Do allow yourself to improvise. Don’t ignore something interesting that you think might help your project just because it doesn’t “fit” with your questions.

You may want to record it with a cell phone or your laptop. It is easier to transcribe after the interview than attempt to write a person’s responses word-for-word as he/she speaks.

Make sure that you explain to the interviewee before you beginthe interview that it is for school, that you will be posting the interview to your blog, and that it may end up, in whole or in part, in your final project. They may want to remain anonymous, or they may choose not to participate. That is their right.

Ask open ended questions. Yes/no questions will get you short answers that won’t reveal much.

If a person seems uncomfortable with a question, do not push the question on them.

For some solid tips on how to conduct an interview, watch this interview with world famous newswoman, Katie Couric:


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