Welcome to ENG1000c: English Composition!

Welcome to Nicole’s ENG1000C Course, also known as Writing 2.0. This course will probably feel very different from other English courses that you have taken over the years. For starters, I ask that you bring your laptop to every class. We will be using them quite a bit. Keep an open mind, and you’ll be surprised what you may learn.

This class does not focus on literature. You will not be asked to write literary criticism. If you can identify literary devices, that’s awesome, but that’s not the goal of this course. This course revolves mostly around non-fiction and the idea of craft. I want you to learn to write, and the reading is meant to help you along the way.

This site will be your main source of information for all things class related. I will be posting assignment updates, interesting resources, and other tidbits here, usually in the form of a blog post. Please poke around and get familiar with the contents. You can feel free to comment as well.

You will all be creating your own WordPress course blogs and Twitter accounts. They will help you to track your thoughts throughout the semester, allow you to reflect on digital media, and give you an outlet to share your writing with a real audience that will provide authentic feedback (though you can choose to make your blog or specific posts private). If you don’t know how to use either, please don’t panic. There will be plenty of time to play and learn. I am not looking for my students to be webmasters or programmers; I am simply trying to get them to be better writers than they were before this class.


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